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This company is a disgrace! I called when my AC stopped working. They told me they would have someone out that morning so I sat and waited and waited and waited. They NEVER called to tell me there would be any kind of a delay, I had to call them 4 times to find out if and when they were actually going to show up.(red flag) I was lied to each time as they never showed up as promised. Finally someone showed up late afernoon. I had wasted over 8 hours waiting for them. The service tech said the office often gave unrealistic timeframes to people. (red flag) He told me he was always left dealing with customers who were lied to by the office staff. He was at my home less than five minutes when he told me that my air conditioning unit would need to be replaced. This was without ever entering my home.Being that my unit was not that old I was surprised that nothing could be done to fix it. ( red flag) He promised to be out first thing the next morning to install a new unit He was on time and the installation was supposedly complete in an hour and a half. I was told everything had been fixed, paid the bill and he was gone. The unit was on and supposedly running when he left but after less than five minutes I realized it was not blowing cold air. I immediately called and advised them of the problem. Of course the person who did the install was unavailable ( red flag) and someone else showed up. In less than five minutes he told me the blower was not working and it would cost me an additional $1,089.00 to get my home to cool down as originally promised by the first guy who I had just paid $2,600.00 dollars to. Bait and switch? sounds like it to me. These jerks wanted to charge me an additional $150.00 for a trip charge to finish the job they had not completed in the first place!!! I called two other companies and both quotes came in hundreds of dollars less than what these rip off specialists were try to cheat me out of. I also found out that the new unit warranty was a lot less than what other companies offer. The warranty is what the company who makes the unit gives.....big deal.

Don't take a chance with these scam artists. In retrospect I can't help but wonder if I really needed to have the AC unit replaced as the replacement did not fix the problem. I wasted thousands of dollars dealing with these so called professionals. Please don't let then take you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Found out after talking to several other companies and checking on line, that the unit they sold me out of the box costs about $500.00 and is a sub standard builders grade model that usually only lasts about five years. They charged me 2,600.00 for this piece of garbage.

These are just the kind of people we have all been wrned about don't be taken advantage of like I was. I sincerely hope they go belly up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review about: Goodman Ac.

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